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Lucy Merriman

River Seekers

River Seekers

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Acrylic & screenprint on birch ply

65cm x 35cm

Framed artwork 


"The Hackney Marshes lie just 500m from my front door and with the pandemic restricting our movements I was drawn closer into this landscape. The daily routine of walking across this landscape provided calm, a necessity that became a large influence on my new body of work called ‘Interactions.’

The importance of the marshes became integral and these fundamental feelings are reflected through my use of emotive colour and expressive brushstrokes, capturing a personal response to the energy and beauty of the urban-rural landscape often lost or taken for granted. I am fascinated by the use of colour and how it can influence feeling and change perception, prompting interactions that ‘feel’ rather than ‘see’. Recurring themes of opposites play with analogue & digital, the natural & hyperreal and blur the lines of what is real and imaginary."

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