Collection: Lucy Merriman

Vibrant AF

'My work is a response to the surrounding landscape through emotive colour and expressive brushstrokes, using a mixed media approach focusing on printmaking processes and painting. Colour is one of the driving principles along with themes of movement and energy. I work quickly with preliminary studies of painted sketches, monoprints and photography. The spontaneity of printmaking creates unexpected imperfections and texture. Layers of acrylic paint are energetically applied to grounds, hand screen printed images merge with sweeping gestural marks in vibrant hues. Digital experimentation re-invents colour, blurring the lines of what is real and imaginary. I take joy in the process of creating a connection, an enriched awareness to the natural world.'

Fun Fact: "As a student, I lived in Sherwood (Nottingham) opposite Robin Hood Street ~ must be something in the Merriman…"