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Jenny Bell

Split Wave Rolling

Split Wave Rolling

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Screen Tech Screen Printing inks on Steel Tin Plate sheet

26 x 45cm

"This work is part of a series that explores surface matter and conversation. The works originate from photocopying the first page of the English Dictionary, dragging the copy across the photocopier to distort the words and tare at the surface of the image. The metal surface here is a representation of how surface can appear to be flat but actually contains depth. The reflective nature of the metal breaths life beyond the screen printed lines to provide an ever changeable view point - depending on the light and position of the viewer. My practice crosses multiple substraints and media: paper, metal, fabric & moving image. Conceptually I use an open air swimming pool as research source, the pool tiles, water and sunlight all push me to re-evaluate 'surface matter'. The physical experience of being in, on and underwater helps me to identify and explore my ideas."

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