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Lucy Stevens

Pied Wagtail (Cardinal)

Pied Wagtail (Cardinal)

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58.6cm x 77cm

Photography and mixed media (paint, Indian ink, wax pastel, pencil and spray paint) onto Fabriano 310gsm paper

Original artwork

Framed Print

This striking piece of art features a male Pied wagtail (species: Motacilla alba) from Evington, Leicestershire. The specimen became part of the permanent collection at New Walk Museum in 1975.

 Lucy's work provides a collection of original artworks inspired by the natural science collection at Leicester Museum using high-quality photography as a starting point and embellished with acrylic and emulsion paint, spray paint, collage, wax and oil pastel. In advance of creating each piece, Lucy spends time researching the habitat and conservation status of each bird so that she can highlight interesting behaviours and songs as part of her visual language; including colourful, repetitive motifs and coded mark making to interpret birdsong, migration and the changing landscape. She often collaborates with experts in the natural world including scientists, museum curators and ornithologists who provide access to nature conservation case studies and natural science collections. This collaborative approach allows Stevens to delve deeper into her fascination of birds. As an amateur birdwatcher, avian subjects are a recurring theme within her artwork.


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