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David Bradley



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4 layer hand pulled screenprint - 7 colours - 3 colour-fade layers - Half-tone and diffusion dither - Hand finished with silver foil 'twinkle' stars ✨ - 330gsm Naturalis paperstock

35 x 50cm

Edition of 30

 The screen print presents an ethereal reimagining of 'Volcan Fuego' based upon site specific photographs taken whilst trekking the volcanos of Guatemala in 2019. Utilising a variety of hand-pulled screen printing techniques to build structure, texture and blended colour, the work becomes a meditation on the elements revealing themselves in and amongst the layers of the printmaking process. With a nod to the spirit and stylistic sensibilities of the Japanese Ukiyo-e landscape tradition, paper and ink become moons and stars, volcanos and clouds become sentient beings, the printed page a floating world".

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