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Seraphina Neville

Blue and Green (Paper and Thread)

Blue and Green (Paper and Thread)

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Original Artwork. Collage (stitched with thread)

66 x 84 cm

Collage onto 640gsm handmade paper with hand-stitched elements. This work was inspired by Ellsworth Kelly’s colour works, & also by the idea of adding more depth & fluidity to my collages. I once read that Matisse used small dots of glue when sticking down large sheets, hoping that the paper would lift in places to recreate the movement they once had when he had them temporarily pinned into place in his studio. This is my first collage working with stitching instead of glue. The shapes are held in place by 4 stitches near the top of the work, allowing the forms to hang more freely & to create shadows on one another. Custom float framed in white box frame.

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