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Daisy Carrick-Smith

Arcipluvia XXIX

Arcipluvia XXIX

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Gouache on paper

57 x 76.5 cm

"This is a larger work on paper which encapsulates development of the Arcipluvia series, in which I play with shapes of different colourways and explore the endless ways of inserting and dividing these within the piece. 'Arcipluvia XXIX', features an inner rectangle with a central divide, comprised of a daytime and nighttime colourway. Though we recognise the rolling hills and trees from rural scenes, Arcipluvia is an imagined world in which colour dominates the scene and draws in the viewer – these landscapes provide an emotive, joyous escape from the everyday. Arcipluvia is a name created from the Latin-derived word ‘arcipluvian’, which translates to an ‘arc of rain’– more commonly known as a rainbow – and is a word used to describe something which is multi-coloured. An excitement-inducing natural phenomenon, the ephemeral rainbow is historically and presently a symbol of hope. Taking-on varied roles and meanings in religion and ancient myth across countless cultures, the rainbow was mostly considered a pathway between Earth and Heaven and subsequently became a sign of promise that better times lie ahead. Arcipluvia encapsulates everything good –old and new– that the rainbow represents, weaving messages of hope through mesmerising, undulating hills of colour – a contemporary paradise."

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