Collection: Ricky Byrne

Fadey AF

My work explores a bold use of colour, minimalist abstract composition and a sense of evocative motion. As a screen printer by trade my artwork is a departure from the rigorous technical work I do for clients. While utilising my expertise as a print maker to compose and prepare the colour blends it is the physical action of the printing method that produces the semi-random interactions seen in the final outcomes, a beautiful balance of order and chaos. My proudest moment as an artist was opening getting my own studio, it finally felt like shiz was getting really real. 
The thing that makes me happiest about art is how it fulfils the people who find it, artists are often people searching for a connection and when those that are searching for it find it the positive change it makes on their lives and their work is an amazing thing to see. 
"I came from a land far away and when I found print, it was print where I wanted to stay. So I built up my art and built up my skills and now I'm an intrepid artist who uses print to pay the bills."