Collection: Mimi Zouch

My artworks are intricate sculptural paper carvings that are often inspired by nature with added geometric boundaries.  Before I start a piece I play around with lots of drawings and various compositions in my sketchbook until I strike gold. Then I draw out an outline on the cotton rag, decide on the best blade and start cutting! The carving process itself is intense and very physical and I have to rest my fingers at regular intervals - I’m in such a focussed state of mind it’s like meditation until I'm out the other side! This last year has been an exciting whirlwind, I absolutely love creating pieces that mesmerise viewers, seeing people stand in front of my work and soak it all in is truly joyful!

I love to travel solo to far flung places and adventure around finding amazing food, culture, architecture and nature. All of this fuels my inspiration for art, next up – Mexico!