Collection: Matt Dosa

Pattern AF

"My art is colourful and abstract! About half of my work consists of murals, public art and commissions, which I generally pre-design digitally, and often require a lot of sign off from other people so I like the work that I make in my studio to be as carefree as possible. My favorite way to paint is to just start with a random shape or colour, then build on it layer by layer. This leaves room for error, and therefore learning! I like to think of this side of my practice as one ever evolving experiment, which I’ll never be done with!
My proudest moment as an artist was in 2022. I won a commission from the mayor of London, to paint a 200sqm multi story carpark in Wood Green. I grew up just up the road from it, and I’m raising my kids just round the corner now."
Interesting Fact: "Art was something that I did as a hobby for years. Now I get to paint as a full time job, which I don’t think I’ll ever quite get used to, and will certainly never get bored of!"