Collection: Margaux Carpentier

Vibrant AF

"I make images combining the joy of vibrant colours, mysterious symbols, and archetypal characters. My work is, before all, about feelings. I do not have a set process and always navigate between a broad range of medium, from analogue drawing techniques to painting, print-making or digital tools. My ideas - when they flow - come up rather rapidly and I don’t like thinking and planning much before starting a piece. I love working outdoors or in a public spaces, creating a little portal amid a whirlpool of energies and drawing inspiration from visions, sound smells and other sensations. The most rewarding moments are when people identify with my work and perceive things I haven’t consciously thought about. I do not want to give my work a set meaning but rather wish to create a space in which the viewer is free to think and feel in accordance with their own experience and sensibilities.The satisfaction I draw from art started with colours, and I used pictures to tell stories which I believe is a primordial need. As an adult, making work but also witnessing other people’s Art is salutary, helping me to understand and face my own feelings as well as what it means to be alive. Just the thought that Art is all around, always holding answers and opening new doors makes me happy."