Collection: Lucille Clerc

Botanical AF

My artwork is often described as surreal and serene, It’s all hand made from drawing to printing, whether I use screen print or etching/lino/cyanotype/collage. I like working without a computer as much as possible. Working with a pen and a pad is the simplest thing, I can travel everywhere and keep creating, this gives me a lot of freedom. My 3 proudest moments as an artist are: The first time my work got published and I saw the members of my family discovering it in a magazine, the first time one of my illustrations went viral for a reason that has a deep meaning to me and the first time I was part of a renovation project unveiled by The King. What makes me happy about art is that you can build your own world and show people what they thought they knew in a different way, through your own eyes. It’s one of the rare fields where age or gender doesn’t matter which means you can create your whole life, and keep creating new things endlessly.

Fun Fact: "I talk to my plants everyday."