Collection: Jo Ham

Silhouetted AF

My work documents the contented life of Rabbit – capturing daily adventures, sporting escapades and social outings in silhouette form. All my Rabbits are monochrome silhouettes that I draw digitally. Rabbit doesn’t have facial features: instead I use Rabbit’s body language to convey emotion - like the position of the ears, a wrinkle in the nose - each small change impacting Rabbit’s expression and feeling. Rabbit is also pretty much always shown in profile, busy in its’ own little world - not engaging with us directly, lost in thought and inviting the viewer to finish off the narrative.  Once complete the Rabbits are transferred to silk screen and each print is pulled by hand before being carefully finished with 24 carat gold leaf. 
My proudest moment as an artist is seeing people emotionally connect and relate to my work. I love it when Rabbit makes people laugh.