Collection: Adam Bartlett

Jungly AF

The best way to describe my art is that it is playful, familiar, mysterious, colourful and energetic. My process generally begins with drawing in my sketchbook, keeping it as simple as possible so not to lose any energy in the final painting. I work in layers with a coat of gloss household paint over board followed by sketching in chalk, subsequent layers are added in emulsion and acrylic, repainting over finished layers creates the extra texture and depth which I love.I don't really have one proud moment, more a series of moments continuously. For instance, when I finish a painting or mural, the sense of pride can be overwhelming sometimes, I may need to take a week off! I feel very proud every time someone purchases one of my paintings of course. Art makes me happy in the sense of achievement, the way colours and images play together and the process of it all.

Fun Fact: "I love Kalamata olives and eat them from breakfast to bedtime everyday, it’s always Kalamata time in my book."