Art Friend are exhibiting Sam Peacock's finest work. The exhibition will run from: 20th September 2023 to 20th November 2023 and will be open: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm and Sat-Sun 8am-6pm. All artworks are for sale, please get in touch with Shona for any sales enquiries.

About Art Friend:


Art Friend is a pop up art gallery in London. We throw art jargon out the window and invite everyone to the gallery. We are a non-conventional, inclusive space run by female gallerist Shona Bland. Art Friend makes art accessible, inviting and fun by showcasing and celebrating art from artists of all backgrounds and identities. We create a safe space where everyone can enjoy art – no stuffy vibes and no admission fees.


About Sam Peacock:


Sam Peacock is originally from the midlands where he first got into art "Got into art due to a habit of setting fire to vehicles growing up in the midlands". He later moved to London to teach art and later became a full blown artist. He has exhibited work all over the world, Germany, Australia, and the UK. Sam was commissioned by the Novotel Hotel chain in Canary Wharf to produce a piece of work in their foyer and also their first floor coffee area that looked like part of a ship’s hull, which is pretty cool! His work is inspired by rural and coastal landscapes and he challenges the traditional notion of landscape painting in every aspect of his work by using unconventional mediums such as coffee, sugar and beans!


The perfect space for an Art Friend exhibition. The cafe is friendly and welcoming, the space is inviting and relaxing. By putting on shows in spaces like these we are aiming to engage a new audience that wouldn't tend to go to art galleries and allow them to enjoy art in a different environment.


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