Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023

Each year since 1769, the Royal Academy has hosted a summer exhibition in London. This exhibition is filled with inspiring and sometimes controversial artworks. Throughout history, it has also sparked notable rivalries, such as Turner and Constable. However, it must be doing something right as it has been running for over 250 years.


With such a wide variety of artwork, there is a lot to see and discuss. The exhibition showcases every medium, style, and subject matter you can imagine, all housed in the heart of Mayfair. What makes it unique is the fact that amateur artists sit alongside professionals, and anyone is welcome to apply. In fact, it is the largest open submission art exhibition in the world, meaning entries are not discriminated against based on age, race, or status. The artwork is available for purchase, providing aspiring artists with an excellent opportunity to enhance their creative CV.

 All art is judged by a panel of experts who decide whether the work will be included in the final exhibition. As a self-proclaimed space for creation, exhibition, and debate, the Royal Academy usually presents a unique and eclectic collection of over 1,500 works of art, covering every inch of the available space during the summer. Despite accommodating numerous pieces, it is renowned for being a difficult show to be a part of due to the high level of competition resulting from its accessibility. 

This year, David Remfry is the co-coordinator of the show and has chosen "Only Connect" as the theme. He is concerned about the increasing antagonism and division among people. The show opened on June 13th and will run until August 20th, 2023.

So, why the Rejects show?

 At Art Friend, we strive to be an inclusive and accessible place for both viewing and purchasing art. Being surrounded by artists, we are aware of many amazing art pieces that were submitted for the RA Summer Show but did not secure one of those coveted wall spots. This is where we come in! We want to showcase and "Only Connect" this incredible talent with you. We are excited to host the artwork of these exceptionally talented artists in the Rejects show and give them their moment to shine!

 The Rejects show will run concurrently with the Royal Academy Summer Show from July 27th to August 3rd on Bermondsey Street in London. Click here for more details.

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