REJECTS - Exhibiting artists

REJECTS - Exhibiting artists

The beauty of art is that it is subjective, and unfortunately that is also it's downfall when it comes to submitting your art for a competition. The founder of Art Friend Shona nailed it with the concept of the 'REJECTS' exhibition, sourcing a pool of highly talented artists who just so happened to not fit the judges tastes at the Royal Academy Exhibition, but are every bit as deserving to have their pieces hung on a gallery wall!

As the day the REJECTS get displayed fairs closer; we couldn’t help but share a  sneak peak of what’s to follow. It is worth noting that ironically, the judgement process for the REJECTS exhibition was equally as tough, because the amount and quality of works received were just so extraordinary that it almost felt like someone needed to create a "REJECTS of the REJECTS exhibition". After all, all is fair in love and war 👀

Below we have selected a variety of pieces that will soon be displayed at Stokey Pop Up, 4th - 14th July (scroll below for event details) :)

CLICK HERE to see all of REJECTS 2024 artworks.

Matt Ingram - Press for Warmth

Matt Ingram’s Press for Warmth piece captures the unsaid. Sharp, geometric lines in the background directly contrast the fractured, un-unified composition between the subjects which alludes to a fractured relationship; evoking a sense of unease. The 'most seen' part of this artwork is the unsaid.


Cliona Murphy - A Single Stem


This enchanting piece utilises strong textured paint strokes, which dance along the canvas to give the illusion of depth. There is so much beauty in this piece, but it also has a slight sadness with the falling petals and dropping leaves.


James Wilson - Miracle Squall I


This landscape was inspired by drawings from James Wilson's time spent in Brittany, and one can appreciate its emotive use of strong, bold colours. The canvas is rearranged and distorted, which further adds to the movement and fury resonant in its background.


Sophie Moore - Bathing


This piece depicts a female swimmer wearing a swimsuit patterned with plastics that you may find on the timeline of our beaches, the same plastics that are used to be recycled to make swimsuits.


Hannah Pratt, Starlight Threads

This piece is working with gradients created from image recognition code to analyse the colour of starlight. Hannah combines the gradients from starlight with threads exploring form and colour to further add the colours of the cosmos. This piece has been created from the light found in the Beehive Star Cluster, in the constellation Cancer.


Steve Chapman - The Sun


Not your regular representation of that great ball of fire in the sky; this personified version lends itself to more tender, earthly qualities. It's large scale helps to draw the user in to the painting. Such a fun and joyful artwork.


Lexi Laine - Dorothy 


Lexi Lanes long exposure photographs possess a haunting beauty and ethereal quality. You would be mistaken for thinking she is running in the wind as this photo was in fact taken underwater.

Ibrahim Lawal - Harmony in Hues I

This piece invites the viewer to fill in the blanks and make their own connections between the motifs in the background and the subject. His work are centered around the consciousness of humans and their relationship with our surroundings.

Annie McGrath - Keep Going

A collage of rejection letters from the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. The most on theme artwork of them all, this one requires no explanation and the irony is absolutely not lost on us. 

Please see below for our full list of exhibiting artists:

Aleesha Nandhra

Hannah Pratt

Maya Land

Andy Mac Manus

Holly Newman

Mia Wilkinson

Annie McGrath

Ibrahim Lawal

Michael Conroy

Chaitanya Mishra

Imogen Coulter

Michael Wallner

Charlotte Gerrard

INKTERAKTIV aka Caro Clarke

Monica Vitorino

Cherry McAlister

James D Wilson

Ngaia Eleanor

Chloe Lawson

Jane Dickins

Nicole Rose

Claire Chandler

Jane Mechner

Pablo Apolinar

Cliona Murphy



Daisy Carrick-Smith

Jenny Bell

Richard Heeps

Daniel Freytag

Jim Vision

Sara Hoque

David Bradley

Jo de Pear

Sarah Ainsworth

David Newton

Jonathan Armstrong

Sarah Emily Porter

Delphine Lebourgeois

K Baah Creates

Shannon Farley

Émilie Hames

Kate Carter

Shelley Dyer-Gibbins

Emma Loizides

Kayleigh Efird

Shoun Obana

Evelyn J

Laura J Biggs

Sophie Moore

Fran Giffard

Lexi Laine

Sophie Nash

Gabi Torres

Lizzie King

Steve Chapman

Gavin Dobson

Lou Taylor

Stuart Forrester

Geoffrey Howe

Louise Nordh

Tamar Payne

George Kowzan

Luana Asiata

Tiffany lynch

Gerry Buxton

Lucy Merriman

Tiziano Summo

Hannah Gilson

Mat Riley

Zena Blackwell

Hannah Lee

Matt Ingram


P.s. You are cordially invited to attend the exhibition IRL :

REJECTS returns for its second year to celebrate Royal Academy Summer Exhibition rejected artists (with Art Friend's artists exhibition downstairs)

Where: Stokey Popup, 147 Stoke Newington High St, London N16 0NY

When: 12pm–7.00pm Mon–Fri, 11am–5pm Sat–Sun, from 4 July to 14 July

(Friday 5th open 12-9pm and Sunday 14th 11-4pm)

Preview nights: 5pm–10pm, Thursday 4 July, 5pm–9pm, Friday 5 July 



Thursday (4th July) Preview Night Tickets HERE

Friday (5th July) Preview Night Tickets HERE

General (5th - 14th July) Tickets HERE

Art, Yoga, Brunch (6th July) Tickets HERE

'Knowing you worth as an artist' (9th July) Tickets HERE

That Portrait Club (10th July) Tickets HERE


Hope to see you there! xoxo Bella, Art Friend


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