E1 Brew Co - Supporting Local Artists

E1 Brew Co - Supporting Local Artists

I reached out to E1 Brew Co back in March to see if they would be interested in sponsoring LeAF. They sell some seriously yummy beer, are local and have a keen interest in supporting local artists and thinking outside the box!

 It was a turn up for the books, Andrew the commercial Director and Rosana Head of Marketing said they would be delighted to sponsor us and would love to give us some beers for our very thirsty guests on the opening day Tuesday and the Thursday soirée.

Custom Cans

In addition to the 100 beers they went one step further! Art Friend artists were offered the chance to custom design some E1 Brew cans. Each artist will have a limited edition of 10 cans each and they will be available to the first people through the door. We open on Tuesday the 23rd of May at 11am and will be given out on a first come first serve basis. So if you're keen to get your hands on one get your butt down to Boxpark Shoreditch sharpish!!


Beer can design artists are:

Craig Keenan

Dave Buonaguidi

Alexandra Gallagher

Meredith Bloom

Fei Alexeli

Ricky Byrne

Lizzi Mann

Lizzie Coles

Natasha Searston

Sara Hoque


Artwork by Alexandra Gallagher and design by Paul David Design

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