ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Adam Bartlett aka Tigers of The Universe.

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Adam Bartlett aka Tigers of The Universe.

We are delighted to introduce you to one of Art Friends most popular contemporary, vibrant, emerging artists: Adam Bartlett.


From tigers to leopards, cheetahs and lions, Adam' s favourite animals are the big cats and we sat down with him to learn more about his inspiration and process.


What inspires your creativity?

I am a painter and Illustrator with a background in textile surface pattern design. My deep-rooted love for nature began in my childhood when I enjoyed sketching birds and frogs while eagerly watching wildlife programs like 'Wildlife on One.' This lifelong passion for nature has naturally become a central theme in my artwork.


While Cheetahs and Tigers remain my favourite animals, I've ventured into painting camels and birds, still keeping things tropical. My experience in pattern design has naturally inclined me towards an appreciation for patterns, and this is what captivates me about Tigers and Cheetahs, their beautiful spots and stripes.


Talk us through your process

Regarding my paintings I tend to gravitate to a highly graphic finish but have been trying to breakout of this mould recently with very pleasing results. After working for years behind a screen as an illustrator I realised I needed to break away from the computer and discovered painting again, there is no way I would go back. Its so great to have all the mistakes and happy accidents that occur with paint.

I sometimes draw colour inspiration from sources such as packaging, magazines or just everyday observations, I write these combinations down in my sketch book as well as photographing anything that catches my eye. I work in layers, building the painting in household oil and emulsion followed by acrylic and enamels.

I formulate ideas in a sketchbook but prefer to work out the final image on the canvas which is a longer and sometimes puzzling process but the spontaneity is what I'm looking for. I usually work on one painting at a time and like to finish each piece before starting others.


What are some exciting projects you have worked on?

As well as painting on glass and panel I have completed a number of murals for various clients including Easy Hotels and Zizzi Restaurants, its a great opportunity to work on a huge scale which I feel equally comfortable with.


Check out Adam's work HERE.

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